We’re three mates who happen to be comedians. Every few weeks we get together and talk about cartoons from the 80s and 90s and record our frankly ridiculous musings. But who are the AniMates? LET ME TELL YOU WHO WE ARE RIGHT NOW DAMMIT.


Image copyright Andy Hollingworth 2014

Image copyright Andy Hollingworth 2014

Jim is a heavily tattooed idiot who is often wearing a hat. He’s performed comedy all over the world, as well as being the voice you can hear on a few adverts and the odd telly programme. He’s also one of the owners of PROGRESS Wrestling in London, and has a lovely wife and daughter who he certainly does not deserve.

Click here to visit Jim’s own website.


Copyright Andy Hollingworth 2014

Copyright Andy Hollingworth 2014

Currently all pregnant and that, Katie is a bloody funny comic who is way cleverer than the two lads on this podcast. As well as being fantastically hilarious, she recently won the Liverpool Hope playwriting prize and has an armful of wonderfully received Edinburgh shows to her name.

Click here to visit Katie’s own website.


Copyright Steve Ullathorne 2014

Copyright Steve Ullathorne 2014

Obsessed with Football Manager (make sure you buy his DVD, it’s splendid), Tony has managed to juggle a successful comedy career with taking the 2045 Blyth Spartans team into the Champions League. A comedy circuit regular all over the place, he’s both the nicest man in the business and has the best hair.

Click here to visit Tony’s own website.

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