Episode #4: She-Ra


The choice of Mulgrew, we watched a whole episode of She-Ra full of innuendo, terrible logic and pounding disco music. Does She-Ra have split personalities? Are we meant to even like the Red Knight? Is Bow living a lie?

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Listen to the end and you’ll learn what episode 5 is all about as well.

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Episode #3: Star Fleet / X Bomber

It was Jim’s favourite show when he was a kid, so Tony and Katie are also forced to watch two episodes of the lovingly created “marionation” and shameless Star Wars rip-off Star Fleet (originally called X Bomber in Japan). This episode features a name being chosen for the as-yet-unborn baby Mulgrew, a new ranking system for Edinburgh shows and tons more stuff.

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Episode #2: Sharky and George


Yeah, you remember the theme tune. Sharky and George is a French / Canadian production from the late 1980s… and it’s TERRIBLE. Join Jim, Katie and Tony as they discuss awful animation, the nature of fish detective work, what the Shark is actually called (well done there Tony) and many, MANY callbacks to Episode 1 and Defenders of the Earth.

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Episode 2 coming MONDAY – and it’s SHARKY AND GEORGE!

Yeah, a lot of people asked for this one. Sharky and George. The crimebusters of the sea, apparently. We recorded it a month ago but if you want to know what we chat about then watch these two videos…

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We’re Now On Stitcher! Mini-Episode Due Soon!

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Episode #1: Defenders of the Earth

Yes! The first episode of the podcast is now live on both iTunes and Podbean.  So do please give it a listen, and if you like it, recommend it to as many people as you can.  Just shout “OI! KRO-TAN!” at people on the street, they’ll know the deal.

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SPOILER ALERT: We never did find out what Jeff delivered. Jim and Tony went to Nandos and forgot about it until now.

Defenders of the Earth!

So the very first AniMates podcast that we recorded t’other week concerns that one series wonder “Defenders of the Earth”.

The podcast will be available via all the usual means later on this week… but in the meantime why not do your homework and watch the same two episodes that we did?

Weirdly, the original link we used for episode one has vanished through the account being closed. I wouldn’t worry, you’ve not missed much apart from Flash Gordon crashing his sodding spaceship.

Podcast up soon, including revealing The Phantom’s home address, how Mandrake makes his money and the correct way to address the show.

Jim will put up a mini episode in a week or so, so if you have any observations that we missed or want to ask us to watch a particular show in the future then you need to drop us an email here. Ta!