Defenders of the Earth!

So the very first AniMates podcast that we recorded t’other week concerns that one series wonder “Defenders of the Earth”.

The podcast will be available via all the usual means later on this week… but in the meantime why not do your homework and watch the same two episodes that we did?

Weirdly, the original link we used for episode one has vanished through the account being closed. I wouldn’t worry, you’ve not missed much apart from Flash Gordon crashing his sodding spaceship.

Podcast up soon, including revealing The Phantom’s home address, how Mandrake makes his money and the correct way to address the show.

Jim will put up a mini episode in a week or so, so if you have any observations that we missed or want to ask us to watch a particular show in the future then you need to drop us an email here. Ta!

Comment if you like.

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