Episode #3: Star Fleet / X Bomber

It was Jim’s favourite show when he was a kid, so Tony and Katie are also forced to watch two episodes of the lovingly created “marionation” and shameless Star Wars rip-off Star Fleet (originally called X Bomber in Japan). This episode features a name being chosen for the as-yet-unborn baby Mulgrew, a new ranking system for Edinburgh shows and tons more stuff.

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Don’t forget to leave us a ranking or a review as well, we’d be really grateful if you did! Oh yeah, and want to watch the episodes that we looked at? We watched episodes 1 and 7 from this video, but you can find the entire run of the show online. Do watch it if you’re fascinated by people making tiny little plastic props.

Next week Katie chose the subject cartoon… make sure you follow us on Twitter to find out what it is ahead of time!

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